About us

About Us

Prosper Slate was re-established in 2017. The company’s predecessor was the first batch of companies engaged in slate mining and processing in China. 

We are a professional slate company integrating mining, product processing and sales. Specializing in exporting Chinese natural slate to all over the world.

Through environmentally friendly mining, optimized processing and container transportation, we provide the best natural slate to customers around the world.



Our mission is to offer quality slate at fair prices with unmatched customer service


To be a leader of global supplier and delivery of high value added quality slate for the world.



At the port of Shanghai, the largest port in China, our logistics team will loaded slate into containers as quickly as possible to ensure that our products are shipped quickly and reliably to the destination ports around the world.


Our quarry were formed in the Precambrian period and known for its high resistance and low water absorption.

It is particularly suitable as a roofing material as it has an extremely low water absorption index of less than 0.4%, making the material waterproof. Meanwhile, it is also fire resistant and energy efficient

For many years, our slate has widely accepted in UK and US market, it is extensively used by building professionals as a result of its beauty and durability.

It is incredibly durable and can last several hundred years, often with little or no maintenance

Our History

Our slate business started from 1990s a few generations ago in the vast central region of China.

We have been in the natural slate industry for almost 30 years, providing the world with the best quality Chinese slate

In 2015, we were obtained the mining license for the largest slate quarry in Shaanxi province, China.

In 2017, for the better development of our slate business, we estabulished company Prosper Slate.

Last year we invested heavily into infrastructure, modern technology and advanced machinery. We cut a tunnel through the slate seams for about 150m long to establish the good material locations, then mine sideways via individual tunnels to guarantee continuous supply.